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Day 2: Cultivation

Day 2: Cultivation

August 9, 2022

Our second day of programming represents the act of cultivation: the hard work you must apply to your career so that it can bear fruit. Here we begin with a luminary address, wherein the total arc of a notable career is examined. Back-to-back roundtables on journalistic ethics and monetization will provide attendees with the tools both to better support themselves financially and to maintain integrity during the hustle. Finally, the day will end with an exploration of separating story from subject to help attendees become more strategic in their ideation and pitching.

8:00am Pacific | Welcome

8:05am-8:35am Pacific | Luminary Address

Ruth Reichl

Join us for a career retrospective, looking back at fifty years of reporting on the great American food revolution through a variety of media.

8:45am-10:15am Pacific | Writers’ Roundtable: Journalistic Ethics

Esther Mobley, Rob Boynton, Jane Anson, Alexandra Schrecengost, moderated by Ray Isle

Whether or nor you have received formal journalistic training, ethics are still an important consideration, particularly in the hustle to get paid in an increasingly complicated and fragmented media landscape. This panel addresses navigating the obligations of receiving junkets, balancing relationships and personal feelings, disclosing promotions (#Ad), and even receiving hospitality and wine samples.

10:30am-11:30am Pacific | Writers’ Roundtable: Monetizing Your Talents

Chasity Cooper, Jonathan Cristaldi, Christina Rasmussen, Anthony Giglio, moderated by Evan Goldstein

This panel serves two purposes: advising on ways to get paid better for writing and speaking and exploring how to monetize your writerly talents and connections. Topics explored will include: sponsored content, ghost writing, influencing, cultivating advertisers, and other jobs in wine and publishing.

11:45am-12:15am Pacific | In Focus: Finding the Story in the Subject

John Brecher

This short presentation walks attendees through the process of separating “story” from “subject,” walking listeners through how to develop an angle, pitch a unique point of view, and think through the alignment of a topic with the tone and audience of a given publication.

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