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The Wine Writers Symposium

The Wine Writers' Symposium is a professional conference that focuses on writers who explore topics within wine and wine-adjacent fields. The purpose is to enhance craft of the written word, and this year’s virtual programming is intended as a career enhancement opportunity. Learn more»


2023 Virtual Roundtable: Get to the Point!

Another perennially important topic, this session led by veteran journalist John Brecher highlights the importance of clarity and precision, both in your pitch and in your piece. In this roundtable, John refers to the piece Caribou Bones and Burgundy by Elaine Chukan-Brown in Wine Enthusiast, Open That Bottle Night in the Wall Street Journal, which … Continued

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2023 Virtual Roundtable: Reporting 101

Dorothy J. Gaiter moderates a stellar panel of wine reporters: Esther Mobley, Chasity Cooper, and Elin McCoy. The topic is Reporting 101, and themes explored include the core principles of reporting a story, from answering the 5Ws – Who? What? Where? When? Why? (and also How?) – to remembering who your audience is and why they’re reading your story and, finally, reminding us all to allow for silences, for although they might be uncomfortable, they often result in wonderful, unexpected disclosures.

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2023 Closing Keynote, by Miguel de Leon

Like all of the fellows here, I was tasked to answer the question of why wine is important, so here’s my practical short answer: it is what helps me pay the bills, it’s the reason for my employment, and it is the cornerstone of my career.

It is also one of the things that makes me supremely happy simply by existing; it soothes on days that take too much; it inspires when the inevitable block begins to creep; it makes food infinitely more delicious and complex; it induces emotions that make memories long-lasting.

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Announcing the 2023 Fellows!

We are excited to announce the 2023 Fellows for the Wine Writers’ Symposium, joining us in Napa Valley from around the world as we return to an in-person event from March 5th through 8th: Monique Bell • Meg Bernhard • Kyle Billings • Kate Burns • Cassandra Charlick • Brianne Cohen • Lance Cutler • … Continued

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