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Day 1: Beneath the Surface 

Day 1: Beneath the Surface 

August 8, 2022

The purpose of this day is to lay a solid foundation to support the writerly craft. Our “Publisher’s POV” roundtable provides critical insight into the structure and inner workings of the contemporary publishing world. From there, our technical panel explores the two extremes of relaying technical information, using Napa’s unique geology as the subject matter, and we’ll finish the day on a creative high.

8:00am Pacific | Community Connect

Session leaders include: Laura Levy Shatkin, Editor in Chief, Napa Sonoma Magazine · J’nai Gaither, Assistant Editor, Digital, Wine Enthusiast · Erik Segelbaum, SOMLYAY + SWIG Partners · Rachel Del Rocco, Chief Editor at Origins, Writer, Copywriter · Jess Lander, Wine Reporter, San Francisco Chronicle · Stacy Ladenburger, Director of Operations & Editor, GuildSomm · Alisha Sommer, Bay Area Freelance Writer & Photographer · Wanda Mann, East Coast Editor, The SOMM Journal · Kelli White, Author, Napa Valley Then & Now · Regine Rousseau, Founder, Shall We Wine · Rebecca Hopkins, Co-founder, A Balanced Glass

Meet fellow writers during this open networking session prior to the start of the Symposium. Log in early to join community members in breakout sessions. 

8:45am Pacific | Welcome Address

Teresa Wall, Brett Anderson, and Sarah Bray

Whether or not you’ve joined us for community and coffee, or are just logging in, join us for a formal welcome to kick off this year’s Symposium, with remarks from the Napa Valley Vintners and Meadowood Napa Valley, the event benefactors, and a run of show for the next few days!

9:00am-10:00am Pacific | Writers’ Roundtable: The Publisher’s POV

Oset Babür-Winter, Talia Baiocchi, Lee Oglesby, moderated by Dan Petroski

For writers at any level, it is useful for any writer to understand the structure, inner workings, and considerations of the publishing industry from both the editorial and business sides. This panel will focus on broader business structures and strategies, from getting ahead of editorial calendars to demystifying the book publishing process.

10:15am-11:15am Pacific | Bridging the Technical: A Soil Study

Elaine Chukan Brown, Jamie Goode, and Brenna Quigley

As wine professionals, there are very few known correlations between soil types and the way wine tastes. This discussion addresses how best to seek out expert sources, communicate technical information to consumers, and self-edit.

11:30am-12:30am Pacific | Writers’ Roundtable: Cultivating Creativity

Madeline Puckette, Jacy Topps, Angela McCrae, MJ Towler, moderated by James Sligh

Why do we limit ourselves when wine can be such a natural catalyst for creativity? This panel celebrates those that push the boundaries of wine communication in fun, unexpected, and powerful ways. Panelists will discuss their process of ideation and channels of creativity in a fresh and inspiring way.

See the schedules for Day 2 & Day 3.

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