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Sukari Bowman

Sukari Bowman
Creator, "The Color of Wine" Podcast

A wine-loving Cali girl with Southern charm, Sukari Bowman has mastered the balance of her 20-plus year career in Real Estate Finance and her passion as the co-founder of Love & Vines, an educational, lifestyle platform that passionately cultivates souls through wine, food and music.

Sukari developed her excitement for wine while working in the banking industry in New York.  Her epiphany to create the Love & Vines’ feature podcast, “The Color of Wine” was fueled by the loss of her father, the yearning to truly “live” her life, and the realization that minorities were extremely underrepresented in the wine industry.

Today, The Color of Wine provides an unprecedented platform for people of color in the wine industry including winemakers, sommeliers, wine educators, owners of wine shops, wine touring companies and wine brands, vineyard managers and many more. The podcast draws listeners from around the world interested in unlocking wine’s intrigue and power. Since the April 2017 launch of The Color of Wine, Sukari and her brother Shomari have produced eight successful seasons with more than 32,000 downloads. As the host, Sukari pairs her charisma and cheerful personality with her insider wine knowledge to ensure listeners worldwide enhance their wine acumen. In 2021 after the completion of their eighth season and 82 episodes, Sukari and Shomari received the distinct honor of having their podcast, The Color of Wine, archived at University of California Davis as a part of the Wine Writers Collection.

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