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Paul R. Anamosa, Ph.D.

Paul R. Anamosa, Ph.D.
President and Senior Soil Scientist, Vineyard Soil Technologies

Dr. Paul Anamosa is the owner of Vineyard Soil Technologies, a California based viticultural consulting company, specializing in soil analysis and land evaluation for winegrape production, vineyard design, grapevine performance, and mineral nutritional disorders.

Dr. Anamosa was raised in New Mexico and has Bachelor of Science degrees in Biology, Chemistry, Agricultural Biology, and Pest Management from New Mexico State University.  Dr. Anamosa joined the U.S. Peace Corp in 1979, and served as an Agricultural Extension Agent in Jamaica focusing on soil erosion and soil fertility management.  He returned to the United States and earned a MS in Soil Chemistry from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and then a Ph.D. in Soil Fertility Management from the University of Florida-Gainesville with a focus on international agricultural development.

From 1985 to 1996, he worked as a research strategy consultant on soil fertility management issues in 15 African countries, and accumulated over 6 years of long-term assignments in Cameroon, Zaire (Dem. Rep. of Congo) and Senegal.

Dr. Anamosa returned to the United States in 1996, enrolled at University of California-Davis and received a M.S. in Viticulture in the spring of 1997.   Paul then served as Vice President and Senior Soil Scientist for a viticultural consulting company for seven years prior to starting his own company, Vineyard Soil Technologies, in 2004.  Paul estimates that since 1996 he has evaluated over 30,000 soil pits in the California wine growing regions.

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