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Andrew Jefford

Andrew Jefford has written for many British newspapers, including The Evening Standard (for ten years), The Financial Times, The Guardian and The Times; he is today Contributing Editor and a regular columnist for both Decanter and The World of Fine Wine, as well as Academic Advisor to the Wine Scholar Guild. He is one of four Co-Chairs for the London-based Decanter World Wine Awards, the largest global wine competition. He has also broadcast extensively on wine, tea and other subjects for BBC Radio in the UK, and leads study tours in France for the Wine Scholar Guild. He has written twelve books and guides including The New France, Andrew Jefford’s Wine Course and Whisky Island (about the island of Islay). A book-length collection of his writings on wine (and tea), Drinking with the Valkyries, was published in September 2022. He and his family spent 15 months in Australia between 2009 and 2010, and have since lived in Languedoc, France.

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