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Who can attend?

The Wine Writers Symposium has defined our ideal attendee as someone who has already demonstrated a degree of professional commitment to writing about wine. As such, we encourage anyone who has been previously published, even if on their own blog, to register.

Does my submission have to be in English?

No. Submissions can be in any language, so long as they are in the written word.

Will the Symposium ever return to in-person and/or a Fellowship model?

Plans for the future of the Wine Writers Symposium will be announced on the final day of this year’s virtual Symposium.

Is there any cost to attend?

Once registered, there is no cost to attend this year’s virtual Wine Writers Symposium.

What if I miss a session or can’t attend due to time zone issues?

The seminars will be recorded and viewable by registrants only via private YouTube link for three months prior to the conclusion of this year’s Symposium.

Will my submission be formally reviewed?

No. This year we are employing a simple registration model, rather than a classic application. That said, submissions will be verified. Anything you submit must be your own work and meet the criteria.

Can I submit a video, audio, social media post, or visual work?

No. Though we welcome those who communicate about wine across all media platforms, we require a written submission (outside of a social media post) to grant access to this year’s virtual Symposium.

What if I work in public relations?

So long as you are also a writer, you are welcome to register if you submit a writing sample other than a press release to qualify. We also respectfully request that, while networking is encouraged and advised, you do not use the Symposium’s time to pitch speakers or other attendees on your projects, in the chatroom or otherwise.

What if I work for a winery?

So long as you are also a writer, you are welcome to register if you submit a writing sample other than brand copy to qualify. However, we respectfully request that you do not promote your brand during the Symposium, in the chatroom or otherwise.

What if I’m interested in wine writing, but I’ve never done it before?

In 2022, the Board of Directors reevaluated the mission of the Wine Writers’ Symposium and the audience that it was intended to serve. It was determined that the Symposium should specifically be geared toward those who have already established some degree of professional commitment to writing about wine. Because of this, the subject matter of many of our panels and lectures presupposes an existing level of knowledge and experience. We cannot accept those with no writing experience, but we do encourage you to utilize our Resources page to support you in your journey.

What is the Wine Writers’ Symposium doing to address diversity, equity, & inclusion?

The Wine Writers’ Symposium recognizes that the wine writing community at large, and the Symposium in particular, has a lot of work to do to address longstanding shortcomings in the area of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

The Board of Directors is currently working on a detailed five-year plan specifically dedicated to this topic, the details of which will be published once finalized. In the short term, we have created a Diversity subcommittee that is examining everything from admissions practices and policies, ethnographic data compilation, and outreach. We have expanded and increased the diversity of our Board of Directors as well as our contracted advisors. And we have proactively worked to increase the diversity of our speakers.


That said, we still have a long way to go. We thank you for your patience as we develop new systems, measurements, and accountability metrics in this arena.

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