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Day 3: Symposium 2021 – Reaching the Modern Consumer

Day 3: Symposium 2021 – Reaching the Modern Consumer

8:00 Pacific | Closing Remarks

Sarah Bray (The Learning Center at Meadowood Estate) and Teresa Wall (Napa Valley Vintners)


8:15-9:45 Pacific | Panel: Beyond the Written Word

This panel will explore means of communicating about wine outside of “traditional” writing, incorporating a look into alternative media. Elaine Chukan-Brown will moderate this panel, which includes Pavia Rosati (Fathom), Nadine Nettmann (SommTV), and Sukari Bowman (The Color of Wine podcast).


10:00-11:30 Pacific | Panel: Coming at Wine “Sideways”

This panel will focus on the intersectionality of wine with other topics, from travel and the culinary arts to sports, the fine arts, and more. Joining moderator Julia Cosgrove (AFAR) are Baxter Holmes (ESPN), Richard Bradley (Worth), Kristin Braswell (CrushGlobal), and Dr. Jo Burzynska (Sound Artist, Wine Writer, Multisensory Explorer).


11:45-12:30 Pacific | Closing Keynote: Opportunities in a global wine world

Felicity Carter, Executive Editor

Felicity Carter is the Executive Editor at Pix, the wine discovery platform set to launch in Fall 2021. A trained journalist and experienced editor, her work has spanned the world’s wine regions for publications such as Meininger’s Wine Business International and Decanter.

There are wine lovers across the globe who are interested in hearing new voices and learning new things. How do you reach them? How do you connect with wine leaders and experts outside the USA, and what’s the pathway into overseas wine publications? European-based Felicity Carter, Executive Editor of Pix, will discuss the state of the international wine media and the opportunities that are out there.

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